Real Estate Investing Experts Reveal 
Sneaky But Ethical Ways To Get Deals In Hot Markets 
**UPDATED FOR 2019**
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Chris Chico's $3 "Virtual Bandit Sign" Facebook Lead Ad Strategy
Jason Nickell's Legal Text Message Prospecting system
Zach Boothe's Driving for Dollars Sneak Attack Strategy
Stephanie Betters Chat Bot and FB Messenger Lead Gen
Jerome Cooper's Ninja Virtual Targeted Lists w/ Propstream

MODULE #1 Inbound Marketing

Learn what's working in Direct Mail, List Building, TV and Media, Online Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and more to fill your pipeline with more MOTIVATED SELLERS

MODULE #2 Outbound Marketing

Learn the tools of the trade to add ACTIVE marketing strategies like Cold Calling, Skip Tracing, Birddogs, Text and Email Campaigns, Voice Blasts and more to massively boost your leads.

MODULE #3 Scaling Your Marketing

Tie it all together with the modern tools of Automation, Follow-Up Systems, Tracking Your Marketing, Making Offers, Outsourcing Using VAs and more. to scale your business predictably! 
  •  17 Video Interviews: with Industry Leaders like Joe McCall, Chris Chico, Brad Chandler, Trevor Mauch and More! (See full list below)
  •  Written Action Guides summarizing each training module to help you execute!
  •  Complete Audio Files to download and listen to in the car, in your mp3 player - anywhere you're on the go. 
  •  Dedicated Training Portal with online access!
  •  BONUS: Hiring and Delegation training - systems and process for creating wholesale and acquisition teams!
Experts Unveil Their 
Modern Marketing Strategies
Lessons From The Leading REI Marketers...
Joe McCall teaches
Outsourcing Your Marketing
Brad Chandler teaches
Building a Modern REI Brand to 30 Deals/Month
Trevor Mauch teaches
Conversion Secrets
Brent Daniels teaches
Cold Call Your Way to Millions: The Playbook
Chris Chico teaches
Virtual Bandit Signs w/ Facebook Ads
Zach Booth teaches
Driving For Dollars Systemized
Jason Nickell teaches
Legal SMS Prospecting
Stephanie Betters teaches
Chat Bots!
Steve Philostin teaches
The Success Systems of a 100K Birddog Rockstar
Greg Bilbro teaches
The Golden Ratio of Real Estate Marketing
Kasim Aslam teaches
How Google Can Get You The Best Leads
Yassin Shaar teaches
"Browsing For Dollars" and the Power of Text
Christina Krause teaches
Direct Mail, Probate and Specialty List Building
Blair Halver teaches
Facebook Ads vs. Direct Mail Strategies...what works?
Tracy Caywood teaches
The Unforgivable Rules of Managing Your Leads 
Kiley Newbold teaches
Facebook Ad Campaign
Jerome Cooper teaches
Ninja Targeted Data for Motivated Sellers
Dan Barrett teaches
Google Ads Breakdown
Dan Schwartz teaches
Hiring and Delegation 
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**REI Modern Marketing Masterclass comes With A 30 Day Conditional Money Back Guarantee.
Modern Marketing Masterclass 
One Payment of $997
  • 17 Video Interviews with Industry Leaders like Joe McCall, Brad Chandler, Chris Chico, Tracy Caywood and More!
  • Complete Audio Files to download and listen to in the car, in your mp3 player - anywhere you're on the go. 
  • Written Action Guides summarizing each training module to help you execute!
  •  Dedicated Training Portal with online access!
  •  BONUS: Hiring and Delegation training - systems and process for creating wholesale and acquisition teams!
    **REI Modern Marketing Masterclass comes With A 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Simply email
    • 12 Video Interviews with Industry Leaders like Joe McCall, Brad Chandler, Tracy Caywood and More!
    •  Complete Audio Files to download and listen to in the car, in your mp3 player - anywhere you're on the go. 
    •  Written Action Guides summarizing each training module to help you execute!
    •  Dedicated Training Portal with online access!
    •  BONUS: Hiring and Delegation training - systems and process for creating wholesale and acquisition teams!
    Other Investors already loving it!

    “Wow they actually show you how to run your Google ads and Facebook ads…there’s nothing else as comprehensive as this Masterclass when it comes to the digital marketing side of the business…OR the outbound prospecting training for that matter…this is a huge resource for the modern investor."

     Greg Simpson, Tampa REIA, Out Fast Realty and Investments

    “I don’t know how Dan got these tactics out of such high-level people…but these trainings are worth every penny considering how much you’d pay for their expertise separately!”

     Scott Bower, HSBC Holdings, InvestThis Podcast

    “I love how relevant these conversations and knowledge bombs are…it’s what’s working RIGHT NOW that can help you get an edge in your market. Kudos to the InvestorFuse team for providing this much needed training...”

     Michael Borger, Oahu Homebuyers
    For the last four years, we’ve been helping hundreds of investors like you close more of their leads with InvestorFuse technology. 
    Introducing: The Modern Marketing Masterclass
    What we found is that managing and following up with your leads is only half the battle…

    You also need to be a real estate marketer and be able to generate a ton of quality leads. This is where most investors fail…and we’ve seen all the excuses:

    "I’m not consistent enough!"
    "Everyone’s sending the same mail piece!"
    “Online marketing doesn’t work in my market!”
    “I suck at marketing!“ “I’m not organized!” “I don’t have a ‘system’ for marketing…help!"
    “I feel like I’m in the stone ages still and I hear my competitors footsteps!”

    Sound familiar? I understand entirely…I’ve been there myself. 
    What we’ve found is that the investors who make the most money with the least effort have figured out how to: 
    • Master a marketing channel, systemize it, and outsource the execution
    •  Have a rock robust follow-up system building a profitable, predictable pipeline of deals
    Listen…we’re in a hot market. The problem is that the barrier to becoming an investor is super low. You can send mail out and be in business. These good ol’ days are gone…and you need to be informed in order to stand out now.

    I have been investing since 2010, and have experience with every type of marketing from door knocking to google ads to voice blasting…and I know how difficult it is to find the RIGHT information about what is working TODAY…especially unique strategies that the gurus aren’t willing to share. 

    Sure, you can listen to a bunch of podcasts and hunt for gems…but that is a huge time suck and will lead to information overload. 

    Even more importantly, we are in 2018…which means that technology runs the show. There are so many different, fragmented tools it will make your head spin. 

    The best investors know what the most cutting-edge marketing strategies are, and they don’t waste money…their marketing spend has high leverage and high return on investment. 

    A more significant concern is what marketing works in competitive landscapes?
    How can you get deals your competitors won’t have access to? 
    We hear this all the time…and frankly obsess about how we can help our clients get more leads so they can do more follow-up with InvestorFuse. 

    This has lead to forming relationships with some of the leading experts in REI marketing and generating motivated sellers leads. 

    We are privileged to be close with some of the best and the most technologically savvy investor marketers. They are all actively testing their deal getting strategies in the field, and they each bring a unique skill set and tactic…

    And they have all agreed to share their playbooks with you…so you can become a Modern Marketer and scale your business the way you know you can.
    Access 15 exclusive training modules from the nation’s leading modern REI marketers
    •  Learn to scale your marketing with the most cutting edge technology
    •  Immediately implement with tactical, step by step study guides, action plans, and recommended resources 
    Module Bonuses Include:
    •  Greg Bilbro’s Analytics Spreadsheet
    •  Brent Daniel’s Cold Calling Script
    •  Christina Kraus’s Probate List Building E-Book
    •  Yassin Shaar’s Text/Email Marketing Strategy Mindmap
    •  BONUS MODULE: Intensive Training on Hiring/Delegation: The Essential Wholesaling Team
    •  Full “Behind The Scenes” training for:
    •  How to Build a Facebook Ad Campaign
    •  How to use "Manychat" to create automated lead qualification bots
    •  How to Pull Targeted Motivated Seller Lists on Propstream
    •  How to Build a Google Ad Campaign
    REI Modern Marketing 
    Masterclass Training Portal
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